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X-Men First Class Fanart

With the last Movie, I came back to the awesomeness that is Erik And Charles X-Men

And of course I started reading.

And I found one story that not only blows my mind away but also ets me lve out my cretive site a little bit :-)

So, if you haven't, check it out: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1950816/chapters/4217832

Because the ídeas or these pics is all from that *grin*

First, we have the Test-scores from Charles and Erik concerning their DS-Scores

Then we have the Photoshopped Charles that Erik did *grin*


This is just some fun on my side, because I often are confused when people are posting e.g. fic searches for one TV-show with icons on another one. So I asked myself - do I really have so many OTP where one of the partners has the same name like one of another paring?

Well, this is what I will find out now. So let's start and see how many pairs my pairs have!

Gibbs / Tony
Tony / Bruce
(sometimes: Bruce / Dick)

Steve / Danny (Daniel)
Daniel / Jack
(Some time ago: Jack / Ianto)

Merlin / Arthur
Arthur / Eames

Spock / Kirk (aka Jim)
Jim / Blair

Sherlock / Watson (John)

John / Rodney

Stiles / Derek

Face / Murdock

Sam / Dean

Erik / Charles

Just some pimping...

Originally posted by slodwick at yep. doing this.
Right. So. I am shamelessly stealing my own idea from an old fandom, and you can't stop me.

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Sometimes, it is better not to spend too much time reading stuff in the internet... For the UK people, today is the day of the airing of the final of the 2nd Season of Sherlock

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Sherlock 2.0

I just watched the newest Sherlock episode. Yay!!! And I laughed a lot (I guess my neighbours now think I am crazy).
I liked the beginning far more than the end. Because Sherlock and the woman? Sure not. Becasue he has John, like we all know ^_~

I still want to do a fanvid, but I am not sure the song I have in mind fits. Maybe I will try it next week or so. Working is annoying, becasue one has only so few time for the important things in life *laugh*



Fanvid: Steve / Danno: Save Me

Hi everyone!
Although mostly a lurker, I finally decided to share some of my work.

Song: Save me from Edguy

Paring: Steve & Danno

Have fun!

Hawaii Five-0


Actually, I didnt wanted to start watching it... but the TV wasa on, it startef and I liked it.... the problem is, on my local tv-station it comes WAY too late for me 'sad'

How comes that the good things always run in the middle of thze night and the whole evening there is only trash in the TV??? I mean, I can't be the only person having a decent taste... but who knows...

Anyway, I was a Steve/Danno fangirl after about the first 2 minutes *big grin*




I found a new obsession, namely NCIS (or should I say; Tony DiNozzo? And of course Gibbs....)

I really love these two and the show is great!!!! I am only a little be sad about myself, becuse honestly: Why haven't I started earlier??? My brother watched this show years back and I always said: Duh, what kind of crab is THAT?

And then I wated it (woithout KNOWING what I watched) and totally fell in love!

Which really is a good thing because I have lots of time and I needed a new obsesion (smile)

Also, Tony really reminds me of Face from the A-Team. In my opinion, the characters are kind similar (playboys with a hidden dark past) and also the actors look the same. Moreover, in the intro for the first season, there is a scene with Tony sitting on a chair, having his hands together and I SWEAR, there is a scene with Face is EXACTLY the same position!!!!

So anyway, that show is great and I have lots to do to come up to date with the episodes.... But that mifht take even longer since I read generally more fanfic than watch TV ....

Anaway: YAY!!!



Merry Chistmas!

I wish everyone the happiest of holidays! Merry CHriatmas!

And I am especially happy this year, becasue WE HAVE SNOW!!!! YEAH!!!!





Just fimished my usless Master's Degree in Ecology. Just great. One works like hell for years and in the end you get told: We are sorry, but work? It really look no good with suh a degree....

*sigh* So mayb I will do it like my firend and start fresh. But really? I'd like to work in the field.... But I am not sure that's possible. If I would quite, I could movee back around my parents house and get the dog I wanted to for sucha long time.... Becasue only then I have somone to sit it. But worklin its bad, because they live in sucha remote area *sigh*

So, I will just enyoy christmas and then start to REALLY worry.